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Integrated Mapping

Activate's integrated mapping and visualization solution allows individual users to easily find and pinpoint locations of key assets or personnel, identify misplaced or underutilized equipment and keep track of status and work information associated with the system.

Powerful Rules

Activate's powerful rules engine enables the quick configuration of rules and alert distribution lists. Effectively manage the deployment and resolution of location-based events across your entire enterprise.

Notification Engine

Activate's notification engine quickly alerts the right people to resolve system events. Use email, SMS messages, or Web pop-up windows to instantly disseminate important information.

Workflow Configuration

Activate enables the configuration and analysis of complex workflow patterns and established processes, to quickly analyze trends, bottlenecks, and traffic flow patterns.

Historical Records

Activate's robust database-driven solution enables in-depth analysis of historical data to resolve past issues and better predict future needs and patterns.

Layered Architecture

Activate's layered architecture enables the consolidation of multiple buildings and locations worldwide into a single integrated system, placing all of the information you need at your fingertips.


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Office, IT


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