From standard out-of-the-box modules and solutions to behind-the-scenes advanced processing of RTLS data, Cetani provides a unique and cost-effective RTLS software platform. Whether you are deploying simple asset tracking with a map, inventory par levels, or advanced workflows, Cetani is the right choice for you.

Enabling your staff with asset visibility is only the first step in achieving an operationally effective RTLS, and while it will decrease search times and virtually eliminate hoarding, the true value will come from aligning workflows with our software's business rules so activities are automatically tracked throughout the daily work-cycle.  Once set up, this information is continually, automatically generated, and drives the real value of RTLS as it enables advanced analysis and metrics, and reveals the true utilization values of all your tracked assets.

Our software supports numerous types of technologies including IR based RTLS, Passive RFID, Cisco MSE location information and Bluetooth Low Energy for mobile tracking.



  • Over 20 different manageable properties for people, patients and assets

  • Customizable views and rights filters allow users to see the correct set of options and information

  • Easy-to-use optional modules plug in to provide for inventory par level management, patient workflow, intelligent routing, clean/dirty room management, asset utilization, kanban and other common applications in a hospital

  • Support for multiple technologies all layered into a single visibility platform

Rules and Escalations

  • Over 10 different types of common rules

  • Customizable escalations when alerts are not corrected or responded to

  • Rule closeout system to manage complete workflow through resolution with RTLS system

  • Ability to quickly adapt new conditions and rules into the rules engine to extend abilities

A complete business rule and escalation system. Create targeted rules to match business processes.


Notifications and Scripting

  • Customizable messages using over 20 context variables

  • Over 25 different communication and scripting commands 

  • Receive individual event messages, or hourly digests of recent activity to prevent alarm fatigue

  • Advanced communication types include customizable HL7 messaging, dry contact integration, and others

Rules and escalations trigger logical scripts of communications and commands. These commands can move workflows forward, capture context information regarding the event, communicate events and statuses to other systems and capture time-stamps of specific activities.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Over 30 different RTLS-related reports

  • Business intelligence engine and numerous built in dashboards that are extendable to add new dashboards and views of key metrics.

  • Includes WYSIWYG reporting editor to customize or create new reports


Extendable business intelligence and reporting tools are seamlessly built into the solution.

Connectivity and Integration

  • Integrations with industry leading CMMS systems (automates all asset data entry)

  • Integrations with leading nurse call systems (automates all staff badge assignments)

  • Integration with Active Directory for seamless user management

  • Deep integration with our RTLS hardware partners for system health monitoring

Our solution integrates with many of the common systems found in the healthcare environment today. This allows RTLS information to easily spread to the applications that need it the most.


  • Live hardware infrastructure monitor provides communication alerts if communications are missed at hardware intervals

  • Site survey tool to capture the performance of the RTLS system

  • Unique Cisco MSE map alignment synchronization

  • Integration with CenTrak GMS for live feeds of battery and hardware status information

  • Configurability


System Performance

  • Single application server can handle systems larger than 10,000 RTLS tags

Unique RTLS management features.

Cetani Asset Tracking Location Map View
Location Map View