Our asset tracking solution is an end-to-end RTLS and RFID software package that provides all the tools necessary to visualize your tracking information and build sophisticated workflows.

From standard out-of-the-box modules and solutions to behind-the-scenes advanced processing of RTLS data, Cetani provides a unique and cost-effective RTLS software package. Whether you are deploying simple asset tracking with a map and some inventory par levels, or doing advanced workflows, Cetani is the right choice for you.

Enabling your staff with asset visibility is only the first step in achieving an operationally effective RTLS, and while it will decrease search times and virtually eliminate hoarding, the true value comes from aligning workflows to our software's business rules.  And from tracking an asset's "state", throughout it's daily work-cycle, you derive the real value of RTLS through advanced analysis and metrics, or the derivation of asset utilization.

Our solution supports advanced rental, inventory par level and preventative maintenance management functions, which greatly enhance your RTLS experience and dramatically increase your options for a positive ROI.



  • Over 20 different assignable asset properties

  • Integrations into the leading CMMS software packages,
    to synchronize assets with your internal systems

  • Easy-to-use subsystems for inventory par level management, clean/dirty room management, asset utilization, Kanban, and other requesting scenarios

  • Easily manage asset allocation, assignment, departmental reconciliations and more


  • User and user group management

  • Setup views and rights easily by groups

  • Configurable menus and screens for customizable user experiences by user type

Par Level Rules

  • Easy-to-replicate par level rules

  • Easy-to-import from csv files

  • Notifications on when equipment levels go
    out of range and back in range

  • Track historical population levels

  • Track refill times

  • Easy to read par level dashboard

Other Modules

  • Rentals

  • Utilization

  • Requests

Cetani Asset Tracking Par Level Rules
Par Levels