The Cetani Environmental Monitoring Solution provides intelligent software for your sensing needs. Working with leading providers of environmental sensing hardware, the solution is a web-based, scalable software platform that provides the tools to satisfy your environmental monitoring requirements.

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • CO2

  • Differential Air Pressure


Manage multiple types of sensors from multiple vendors in the same interface.


Regulatory Reporting

  • Configurable daily check system

  • Alert and corrective action logging

  • Monthly summary reports

  • Operational performance reports


  • Email, SMS

  • Work Order creation

  • Voice calls

  • Audible and visual alarms with multiple configurable lights

  • Simple strobe-light alarm devices

Alert and User Scheduling

  • Route notifications based on their availability and schedule

  • Create "n" level escalations for notifications

  • Reusable notification groups and escalation chains for easy notification management

  • Simple import/export functionality to quickly configure hundreds of sensors, users, alerts and notifications

  • Integration with Active Directory

  • Alerts on sensing values, device status (probe disconnect, door ajar...) or process breakdowns


  • Communication monitoring, alerting and automatic restoration

  • Track alert and communication up time to identify issues before they occur

Sensor Graph View