The platform optionally includes a web-based operations tool-set that allows customers to not only manage their own RTLS system, but also measure its operation and performance.

Additional tools allow for better synchronization and integration to various data streams and sources throughout the enterprise.  Being able to manage and monitor these integrations is often the key to a successful implementation.

RTLS implementations sometimes hinge on the operating and administration tool-sets provided by your RTLS infrastructure company, which vary greatly in approachability and usefulness.  Towards this end we've created the most robust set of tools for managing your RTLS infrastructure, viewing live, operational data, and to dramatically simplify troubleshooting anomalies.

  • Live hardware infrastructure communication monitoring and alerting

  • Validation and site performance metrics tool to capture the performance of your RTLS system

  • Live RTLS infrastructure streams to a web browser to easily capture system operations

  • Hardware and performance alerting

  • Data stream monitors on ALL incoming location streams individually

  • Notifications of issues with Wifi, passive or RTLS infrastructure

  • (Environmental Monitoring) - Detailed data communication monitoring, alerting, recovery and analysis


Unique RTLS management features.

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