Cetani Activate has specific modules that can be utilized for Staff Applications, such as rounding and assistance.


Staff assistance is one of our specialties, having spent years creating stable and secure solutions for hospitals.
Badge button-press events are routed through our system effectively to whatever alerting mechanism you choose.

Notifications can be routed to: 

  • Computer screens, via dedicated client or application pop-up

  • Security, via security panel integration

  • Alarm lights or buzzers

  • Emails and SMS

  • VoIP phone messages

Notifications can go to everyone or just members of specific teams on the floor where the alert was triggered.

The rounding solution provides an automated way to manage and track staff rounding through RTLS information.   We track when staff enter and leave patient's rooms and use this information, or the lack of such events, to generate alerts and reminders.  The application also comes with an array of reporting features, which allow your managers to prove your staff's effectiveness.

  • Nurse rounding reports and visualizations

  • Staff assistance subsystem with contextually aware messaging to communication devices

  • Platform to automate advanced staff workflows or for automatic monitoring

Connectivity and Integration

  • Integrations with industry leading Nurse Call systems (automates all staff assignment data entry)

  • Integration with Active Directory, for seamless user management

  • Deep integration with our RTLS hardware partners, for system health monitoring


We've integrated with many of the common systems found in a healthcare environment today. This allows RTLS information to easily spread to the applications that need it the most

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