At the core of every RTLS implementation is basic locating. Many customers start with only current location visibility, and then grow the solutions that leverage RTLS over time as they understand the additional use-cases from which their specific organization can benefit.

Hospital staff can use basic visibility to locate key equipment or staff. This eliminates either phone calls to find specific people or time searching for pieces of equipment. A single floor of a hospital has thousands of moving parts, and real-time visibility can bring order and comprehension to a chaotic environment.

Available as part of the web-based enterprise web system, users can see this information on computers, mobile phones, and tablets in real-time. Real-time means that across many devices and device types, updates occur in less than a second.

  • Web based interface for computers, mobile phones and tablets

  • Layered view of Active RTLS, WiFi RTLS, Passive RFID and fixed location action triggers

  • Customizable icons

  • Reduce search time

  • Reduce lost or stolen equipment

  • Better utilize the equipment you have

  • Reduce "Where is..." phone calls and requests

Cetani Visibility Platform - Staff Alert Map View
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